Quinton Hennigh, PhD (Geology & Geochemistry), P.Geo

Technical Advisor

Quinton is a globally renowned exploration geologist with 30+ years of precious metals mining experience. Quinton obtained his PhD in from the Colorado School of Mines.


Early in his career, he worked for major gold mining companies including Homestake Mining (now Barrick Gold Corp.), Newcrest Mining, and Newmont Corp. Later, he founded Novo Resources Corp (TSX-V: NVO), and now serves as Chairman. Quinton is also a Geologic & Technical Advisor to Crescat Capital (a significant investor in TRI).

Quinton has played a key role in major gold discoveries such as Novo’s Pilbara assets in Western Australia, First Mining Gold's Springpole gold deposit in Ontario, Kirkland Lake Gold's Fosterville gold mine in Australia, the Rattlesnake Hills gold deposit in Wyoming, and Lion One's Tuvatu gold project in Fiji, among many others. Quinton advises TRI on its exploration strategy and property portfolio management issues.